Yang and Olivia

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The Yang and Olivia Arts Foundation

Founded in January 2018, the Yang and Olivia Arts Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization whose aim is to provide a platform for international cultural exchange between United States, China and Taiwan, particularly in the area of classical music. The organization supports educational opportunities for the youth by coordinating events where professionals from different nations share their ideas in the format of performances, lectures, masterclasses and applied lessons.  Events may be 1. overseas study tours for the youth, 2. international music festivals or workshops, and 3. local music performances in the US that promote classical and Chinese music to the general public. 


Our event highlight in 2018 includes a chamber music concert by Momento Virtuosi, a dynamic ensemble of 10 members from 6 different countries featuring programs of diverse instrumentations. This performance is part of the Qingdao West Coast International Music Festival, co-promoted by Qingdao Miao Haiyun Harmony Road Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd. For information on Momento Virtuosi, check out Momento Virtuosi

Fundraising for music education

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In 2019, Yang and Olivia foundation gives a fundraising concert for VanderCook College of Music, promoting music education in greater Chicago area. Primary goals include fostering a deeper connection between Illinois Tech, VCM, Bridgeport, and Chinatown, raising awareness for VCM and Illinois Tech within the surrounding communities, and engaging any number of organizations in the process. The concert also aims to raise funds for the refurbish of the performance space colloquially known as the “New Building,” a massive financial undertaking with spectacularly ambitious results. The refurbished space will serve as a performance area that will allow VanderCook to host concerts in a space very close to home.

璇扬艺术中心成立于2018年,是美国一个以古典音乐做国际文化交流的非营利机构。本组织的使命在于举办跨国界专业演奏,讲课及大师班来培养教育下一代的年轻人。项目可以包括 1. 国际游学 2. 国际音乐节或讲习会 3. 提升普遍听众的文化素养的当地音乐会。

在最近的项目里,璇扬艺术中心邀请了来自六个国家的十人室内乐团体Momento Virtuosi到青岛参加西岸国际音乐节,由妙海韵美乐文化交流有限公司主办。

2019年,基金會協助芝加哥音樂教育募款活動,以璇揚二重奏演奏會募款40萬美金為目標,在伊利諾理工學院Herman Hall與Vandercook音樂學院舉辦大型演出。