Yang Liu

Violinist Yang Liu is enjoying his life in music-making on stages across the continents. He tours in North America, South America and Asia with world-leading orchestras, Mr. Liu also travels with his wife Olivia as duo Yang and Olivia in concert tours across the United States and Asia, sharing their love, joy and faith through music. An avid advocate of cultural diversity, equality and inclusion via classical music, he is a founder of Yang and Olivia Foundation and Momento Virtuosi, a chamber ensemble of diverse ethics and instrumentation.

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Yang Liu

旅居美国的刘扬先生是当代活跃在国际舞台的著名小提琴演奏家与教育家。 在2022年荣获 国际艺术家大奖赛的头奖。并被被纽约时报及华盛顿邮报称为:“…一个年轻而杰出的小提琴家… 有着让人惊叹的技巧,强烈的音乐说服力以及深刻的洞察力!”

他的演出足迹遍及美国,德国,法国,奥地利,瑞士,丹麦,荷兰,希腊,埃及,日本,香港, 台湾等,并多次率欧美乐团在中国巡回演出。刘扬最近的音乐教育活动包括在芝加哥拉维尼亚音 乐节,阿斯本音月节,葡萄牙国际音乐节, 巴西国际音乐节,北京长城国际音乐节和美国芝加哥 大学等高等学府演奏并讲授的大师课。与美国亚特兰大交响乐团,辛辛纳提交响乐团,圣路易斯 交响乐团等合作演出并实况录音,多次在美国国家广播电台NPR纪录播出。

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The New York Times

Liu Yang wowed the opening-night audience with a scorching performance of Sarasate’s Carmen Fantasy…

The Washington Post

The Nielsen brought the debut of an outstanding young Chinese violinist, Yang Liu. The concerto calls for an interesting mixture of virtuosity and expression, and Yang delivered on both counts. Technically incredibly adept, he made a strong impression. Yang and Spano seemed to have good rapport with each other and the orchestra

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Unbelievable… Yang, near the end of the third movement, he broke a string. Finishing a run, he turned to concertmaster, traded violins and finished the piece playing with incredible accuracy on a borrowed violin. The concerts here were Yang Liu’s first in North America. He is amazing and will certainly be playing to rave reviews. We’re quite lucky to have seen him and Gil Shaham in the same year

Atlanta music critic

Leonhard Bernstein’s ‘serenade’, ambitious, deep spirited work rather than one of the virtuoso standards. Yang, a violin wonder with racing fast fingers. He meets the depth and the tension, he jazzes and sings, masters the highly virtuosic attacks and integrates the complex rhythms to a richly felt musical confession. The orchestral musicians truly enjoy the dialogue with the sympathetic soloist

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